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ICASO’s vision is an end to the HIV epidemic for all.

ICASO’s mission is to mobilize communities to provide transformative leadership in the response to HIV and intersecting challenges.

Since 1991, the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) has mobilized communities worldwide to assert leadership in the global responses to HIV and intersecting health and human rights issues. ICASO has facilitated meaningful community engagement in major policy fora. Through our collaborative and inclusive approach, we have established a unique role as an effective coalition-builder and a trusted advocacy partner.

 ICASO also supports communities working to influence national health policymaking and to achieve structural changes that will advance human rights and improve health outcomes. We provide technical assistance  to community-based organizations in all regions of the world.

Diversity of communities remains at the center of ICASO’s focus and governance.

 Our active Board of Directors embodies diversity not only in terms of gender, education, geography, and key populations, but also in terms of linkages to various communities of science, advocacy, communications, education, and affected populations.

 ICASO’s broad yet close-knit network of partners  has evolved through three decades of shared experiences. It includes regional and national networks, academics, technical assistance providers, global and regional agencies, and funders. Over time, we have strategically expanded our network to include stakeholders who are focused on related health and structural issues. Although ICASO is legally based in Canada, our legitimacy arises from our widely recognized ability to link communities globally and serve as a networking mechanism to help them make their voices heard.